About Us

Building material testing & Certifiation for Fire Safety

What We Do for You?

We at Ignis Labs undertake testing of building materials for reaction to fire and fire resistance. We have strong ties with one of Australia's leading universities giving us the capacity to complete fire research and development in fire safety and building product research. With support from Ignis Solutions, we can provide independent and objective fire safety engineering expertise for fire strategy, audit, evaluation and review.

Our extensive fire research and testing facility based at Queanbeyan NSW; Australia is state-of-the-art with the latest in fire testing equipment capable of simulating a wide array of fire scenarios under diverse standards to produce results with a high level of quality.

We are a customer centric organisation

In addition to performing key tests for the building industry, our personalised approach provides one-on-one opportunities for our expert fire engineers to explain test results in detail and work with clients on key aspects of training and awareness. We do this so that we not only test our clients' products but also provide significant additional value to these businesses through improvements in processes and capabilities.

Ignis Labs employs some of Australia's leading fire engineering experts and lab technicians to test building products against a suite of Australian and International Standards. We adopt a bespoke methodology to test each client's product within the parameters of prescribed standards and guide them through each stage.