Our Test Protocols

We Test Building Materials Rigourously for High Accuracy and Optimum Results

AS 1530.4 Pilot Test for Wall Elements and Penetrations Fire Resistance Levels.

(Fire Resistance Testing)

Ignis Labs has a 1m x 1m pilot test furnace. The pilot test furnace is used to test materials including wall systems, penetrations, doors, cavity barriers as well as combustible core materials being shielded from free air.


The BCA as well as AS 1530.4 permits pilot testing of building elements in accordance with the standard fire curve to determine the elements Fire Resistance Level (FRL). The pilot test does not evaluate the load bearing structural adequacy portion.



The following results are determined by the test:

  • Integrity

  • Insulation


Test samples are to be within a 1m x 1m wall frame which can be up to 300mm deep.


The samples are not required to be conditioned.


Tests can be conducted for various durations; these being 30 minutes to 240 minutes.


The test equipment can also be used to evaluate how a material may react under bushfire conditions.