Our Test Protocols

We Test Building Materials Rigourously for High Accuracy and Optimum Results

AS 5113 - For External Wall Fire Spread

External wall testing occurs in accordance with AS 5113, with testing completed to BS 8414. The test rig simulates the external wall of a building with a return wall. The test rig is over 9m tall with the main wall 3m wide and the return wall 2m deep. Test samples can be applied to two layers of 13mm fire grade plasterboard or as a full wall system.


The BCA references testing to AS 5113 through the verification Method CV3, where a performance analysis is required for verification of the products use. It is important to note that the wall is a system made of multiple elements where each one has a unique characteristic which may influence the results.



The external wall elements do not need to be conditioned but do need to be kept in a clean and dry state prior to testing. There are set parameters for when the test can be undertaken which excludes when its raining, windy or during high or low temperatures.


Ignis Labs has developed a library of solutions for various materials to be incorporated into suitable wall designs that are practical and cost efficient. Ignis Labs is also working on a solution for retrofit installations where we work with building owners to understand their current building compliance and risk options to improve the safety of the building.


For existing buildings, the following process can be undertaken between Ignis Labs and Ignis Solutions:


  • Identification of materials

  • Evaluating the exposure

  • Validation testing

  • Remedial actions