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AS/NZS 1530.3 for Material Fire Hazard Properties

(Radiant Heat Testing)

The radiant panel test as described by AS/NZS 1530.3 involves a sample being progressively moved closer to a radiant heat panel. The movement of the sample is stopped when ignition occurs.


The test measures the following elements.

  • Ignitability: 0-20

  • Flame Spread :0-10

  • Heat Release: 0-10

  • Smoke Release:0-10


The test duration is 20 minutes. Six samples are tested, and an additional three samples can be tested if required.



The BCA sets requirements for flame spread and smoke release. There are two applications under the BCA:


  1. Clause C1.9(e)(v) for painted metal surfaces. To maintain use of the metal surface where non-combustible material is required it is to have a spread of flame index not greater than 0.

  2. Clause 7, Table 4 of BCA Specification C1.10 requires other materials and insulation to have a spread of flame index <9 and a smoke developed index < 8 if the spread of flame index is more than 5.


Ten samples are required for the test being 450mm wide x 600mm high.


The test samples are required to be conditioned. This can take up to a week with testing occurring after the conditioning is complete.