Our Test Protocols

We Test Building Materials Rigourously for High Accuracy and Optimum Results

AS/NZS 3837 - Cone Calorimeter Testing for Material Group Numbers

Ignis Labs has two methods for determining the Group Number of a material, as outlined in AS 5637. The first is the predictive testing method which in accordance with AS/NZS 3837, ISO 5660 is carried out using a cone calorimeter and the other method is using the Room Testing method which is completed as per AS ISO 9705.


The predictive testing is established via testing through a cone calorimeter. This is the AS/NZS 3837 test. A sample being 100mm x 100mm and up to 50mm thick is subjected to a cone radiator set at 50kW/m². A number of measurements are taken from the calorimeter. The predictive testing reviews the Heat Rise Rate over time. At least three samples are tested. The test samples are required to be conditioned. This can take up to a week with testing occurring after the conditioning is complete.