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ISO 1716 - For Material Heat of combustion

(Material Properties Testing)

Ignis Labs undertakes testing in accordance with ISO 1716 to establish a materials heat of combustion. The heat of combustion tests determines the gross heat of combustion (being the energy content of a material) through a bomb calorimeter.


Homogenous and multi layered building products, for example insulation products of mineral wool with or without facings, fibre reinforced cement, silicate boards, sealing compounds etc. are tested under this standard. To complete the test, a minimum of one test specimen with the dimension 250 mm x 250 mm with a mass 50 g is required.

A small test specimen with a specified weight is combusted completely during constant volume and oxygen atmosphere inside a high-pressure calometric bomb. The combustion of the test specimen heats up water in the apparatus, this temperature rise gives a measurement of calorific potential.