Our Test Protocols

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ISO 9239 - For Critical Radiant Heat Flux of Flooring material

The AS ISO 9239 standard establishes the testing procedure for flooring materials. The test involves a flooring sample laid horizontally on the test apparatus. A radiant panel placed at a 30 degree angle to the sample is then heated. The sample also has a pilot flame applied to induce the sample to burn. The spread of fire is measured, and the critical radiant heat flux is determined. The test samples are to be 1050mm x 230mm. In total six samples should be tested.


The Building Code of Australia, through Clause C1.10 establishes the radiant heat flux requirements for materials in sprinklered or non-sprinklered applications. The critical radiant heat flux for sprinklered buildings is to be not less than 1.2kW/m² and for non-sprinklered buildings the critical radiant heat flux is to be not less than 2.2 kW/m²



The test samples are required to be conditioned. This can take up to a week with testing occurring after the conditioning is complete.