Providing an independent alternative
in material fire safety testing

Ignis Labs are uniquely placed to provide material fire testing inline with the requirements of the building codes and reference standards.

With the support of Ignis Solutions and the LIVE Group, Ignis Labs can develop bespoke testing and product research to satisfy our client's needs.

Why US?

Fire Engineering

Ignis Solutions in conjunction with the LIVE Group have experienced fire safety engineers with expertise in global fire safety engineering services. Ignis Labs is supported by Ignis Solutions and the LIVE Group.

End-to-End Service

At Ignis Labs we pride ourselves on offering our clients a complete end-to-end testing, certification and engineering service.

Personalised Approach

Our personalised approach provides one-on-one opportunities for our expert fire engineers to explain test results in detail and work with clients on the outcomes and key aspects.

Quality and Responsiveness

Our approach is to understand our client's needs and the proposed product use inline with the applicable testing and engineering support to enable the product to comply with relevant building codes.

State-of-the-art Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility at Queanbeyan, NSW is equipped for a complete range of fire testing services for independent certification to Australian and international standards.

Competent Team

We employ some of Australia's leading fire engineering experts and lab technicians to provide a suite of Australian / International Standards and bespoke product testing services.

Ignis Solutions, Australia

Fire Safety Engineering

What We Do for You?

At Ignis Solutions, we ensure the fire safety strategy is appropriate for the project in line with our company values: Providing an Alternative in Performance Based Designs.

We have an in-depth understanding and proven experience with the application of local and international codes and standards. Ignis Solutions has many years of experience in developing solutions that are approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction

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