Our Test Protocols

We Test Building Materials Rigourously for High Accuracy and Optimum Results

AS 1530.1 for Non-Combustibility

Non-combustibility is tested for compliance through the requirements of Australian Standard AS 1530.1. The test procedure requires several cylindrical material samples which are inserted into a test crucible set at 750°C for at least 30 minutes or whenever equilibrium occurs.


The test monitors flaming of the sample as well as the temperature of the furnace, sample surface and the centre of the sample.


The Building Code of Australia (BCA) through Clause A1.1 defines non-combustibility as a material not deemed combustible as determined by AS 1530.1 - Combustibility tests for Materials.



External wall materials of buildings of Type A and B construction are required to be of non-combustible materials. In addition, wall and ceiling linings as well as other wall materials such as insulation and weatherproofing have baseline requirements under the BCA is to be non-combustible.


Ignis Labs non-combustible test machine is detailed above. The computer interface expedites the calculation and reporting process resulting in test results returned to our customers within a short time period.


The test samples are required to be conditioned. This can take up to a week with testing occurring after the conditioning is complete. Six samples being 44-46mm in diameter and 48-52mm in height are required. A 2mm hole is required to be drilled through the centre.