Our Test Protocols

We Test Building Materials Rigourously for High Accuracy and Optimum Results

AS 1530.2 for Flexible Sarking (Flammability Testing)

We also test Flammability under European (ISO 11925) and USA (UL 94) Standards.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) and many other countries set flammability requirements for materials. The BCA requires flexible sarking type materials, and similar products to be tested in accordance with AS 1530.2 where a flammability index of no greater than 5 is required to be achieved.


The test involves a flexible membrane being fixed to an inclined test rig and subjected to a small flame. The spread of flame and smoke temperatures are measured to determine the flammability index.


In addition Ignis Labs has US and EU flammability test machines, these being UL 94 and ISO 11925.



The BCA requires flexible membranes, referenced as sarking type material, to have a flammability index less than 5 and thickness less than 1mm.


Nine samples are required and are to be 535mm long x 75mm wide.


The test samples are required to be conditioned. This can take up to a week with testing occurring after the conditioning is complete.